Friday, March 16, 2018

FAKE AS "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" - Vanessa Trump files for divorce from Donald Trump Jr - US media

I don't really care about Israelites as seen here(regular Judas - gangsters who aren't even Americans as they represent EVERYTHING Americans have fought against in WWII), but Trump Jr. crises are as fake as entire Trump brand is...
Two will go soon back just as the case will be with Borut Pahor and his partner Tanja Pečar....

Thursday, March 15, 2018


When fear absorbs your brain....
It looks precisely like this and then picture loses just goes black and white and then totally dark...


While it was the right step for you to remind yourself(you aren't doing any of this because you would care for them, but foremost because you two think on how you play with Slavs as you did in the past - one pludered our countries and other traded with our people as slaves - we know and remember; don't worry) of WWII in respect to several million exterminated jews, lets not forget however the biggest crime in the histroy of the human kind...40 million Slavs exterminated by your German people just in WWII Mr. Kurz !!!
SO HERR KURT(Z) WALDHEIM JR....WHEN AND WHERE WILL THERE BE A HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL TO OUR VICTIMS(there is a difference bewteen 4 million and 40 million human lives am sure you realize Mr. Kurz) !!???? 


"Samspon option" or option also known as "nuke Europe out of existence once and for all" - not about Iran...Moscow, Kiev, Warszawa also listed as good to go...

There are people who know nothing about this and here is reminder on who is what is.

Download almost entire blog here...


This is what real journalism looks like....make sure to scan file before using one - you already know why...thank you friends as I may be forced to ask you for this very file one day...

Same it was done via North Korea(armament of Japan as this is what "crisis" were used for) is now happening between Russia and Brittain

Damage, however, is already done as no diplomacy worldwide believes any longer to Russia(Putin's deadly legacy against Russia continues). Everybody knows that Brittain and Russia are totally in bed with one another...spies might have even been killed(if those were killed at all) by MI5/MI6 !!!

Don't underestimate the power of Theresa May as she will go as far as necessary to "convince" the world on how here written is not the case...unfortunately for Russian people(I do not care about traitors, but real traitors are today oligarchs in Putin's club which not only are stealing money from Russia to prove loyalty to future tsar rather than Russia, but even travel per US citizenship to give births to their kids in Miami - these are traitors to Russia and not those whom Putin subjects to economic struggle and to brand/label them as foreign spies via foreign governments ), it is !!!

Gangster Miro Cerar(Slovenian Prime Minster lawyer liar who fogged this very case for four years) stepped down citing as reason some economical issues rather than truth

Judas(CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER WHO HUSHED THIS VERY CASE FOR FOUR YEARS) who knew and knows all about this very case finally "stepped" down.....
Thirty pieces of silver CONSTITUTIONAL LAWYER MIRO CERAR loved and loves to know nothing(feign/sham) just as Slovenian national assembly(parliament)....see nothing and hear  I right Cerar !!?????

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

VIDEO - How to stay happy in love with your partner forever

Video can be also seen at  OR OR OR OR   OR 

I discuss on how to stay happy with your partner for the rest of your life...solve most important dilemmas on life easily.

Slovakian people woke up in the middle of the trans and send powerful(loud and clear) ANTI FASCIST message to Hungarian neonazi supporter Robert Fico - NO LONGER GERMAN(what murderous Austro-Hungarian empire was) SLAVES !!!

There were some protests in Slovenia as well, but am not sure why - their message is unclear(I have noooo idea what they have protested about - its like they would rape one mom/sister in front of him and he would do nothing more than count coins - they are about to lose whole country Slovenia to nazifascist German Italian team and these people didn't do more than protest low wage salaries) to me...
Big difference between Slovakia in Slovenia in my eyes...Slovakia on left sends clear message to the government what will be and what not(STEP DOWN !!!!)...

Regarding could have expressed solidarity with Slovakian people(and together with Slovakian people a solidarity with Polish patriots and you all together with Russian patriots and so on - its how it works) if you had nothing better to do than protest low wages...protest low wages a in country that will be taken over tomorrow by above-mentioned spectators is insane(all you do is cover with cloud of crap a real protests in Slovakia...known as a downplay of real/legitimate protests). Totally controlled opposition !!!

We were almost three months without house telephone

As I attempted to use one the other day, the telephone was out....asked mother on why telephone was out and she answered with "its like this since TV installation in father's room"(telephone was simply disconnected and one didn't even have anything to do with additional TV installation)...same thing with phone today...handset just set there off the phone...

How Netanyahu brilliantly used his "brilliant" niece...

She was often times present and her uncle ensured that all other possible females were pushed away supposedly giving her advantage over others...other females probably gladly complied as I wasn't really any catch back then...and so death followed and followed...wherever I went, death followed and said nothing. After each trip to Slovenia, however, Netanyahu and his criminal partners ensured on how my brain would be totally wiped out after each MKULTRA operation. It became clear over time that his niece is nothing more than the political tool - deadly manipulator. A deceiver just like her uncle. 

I will NOT heal feet in dead sea("don't worry about his feet, we have a place where they heal and more will suffer more will like Israel" were instructions of Netanyahu to my mom) and marriage will never ever happen

I will even change personal bank account from ABANKA to another feet are totally healed, but you are now f**** Netanyahu.

I can now give closest details about Netanyahu's family in case someone dares to doubt...not in media(anywhere on internet) as wiped out memories on abductions to Ysrahell returned...

I would say that we have phenomea of NEONAZI/ COMMUNIST/ FASCIST convergence, but there no longer is any communism that I could refer too as(I call real communists on total revolt against neonazi occupation of our countries).

If I would post on here moderated photo of lets say German soldier embracing partisan or red soldier, it would be a total betrayal(Angela Merkel and Putin highly anticipated me on doing exactly as stated here) of our people who gave their lives for
what should be freedom(this would be used by Kremlin and Berlin as a gesture/translation of lies to their officials and Russia on how even communism and nazism can unite in one -  its a neonazi lie, and not unification of any kind....Slovenia was and is divided on half and its where the whole betrayal of Eastern Europe/Yugoslavia started after WWII....and today, we have in Slovenia collaborators already lobbying for Italian/German takeover of the country - same is now used accross the Russia where Putin's divide and concquer game goes on - game which will be completed within a just few years from now on, will mark Russian history as ultimate failiure and will indefinitely seal its faith) and was instead stolen from them and their sons/ daughters/ granddaughters/ grandsons...

2006 - Pahor suggested one more abduction to Israel to which I wouldn't be capable to resist - Pahor je sugestiral se eno ugrabitev v Izrael kateri se nebo mogoce upreti

To naj bi se zgodilo spomladi. Slo menda naj bi za zadnjo ugrabitev in to v pocitniski del Izraela kjer naj bi se v dveh tednih "odlocil"(tokaj odlocanja ni ker gre za neizmerno nasilje/genocid napram Slovenskemu drzavljanu) na kako in kaj....citiram Boruta Pahorja ,"tukaj se bos se zadnjic odlocil na kako in kaj...ce se bos odlocil za poroko z njegovo necakinjo, ti bojo vrata v svetu biznisa in politike odprta na svetovni ravni in ce ne nazaj v Slovenijo kjer nebo iz tebe nigdar nicesar...oni odlocajo danes o vsemu"...

In Slovenian language: Razlike med takoimenovanimi komunisti in ustasi/belogardisti/cetniki NI nobene !!!

Ne samo da so me pretepali do 16 leta v hordah, izsilili na beg v Ameriko, unicili zivljenje in Amerisko drzavljanstvo(se pravi Slovensko in Amerisko), mucili na smrt v psihiatricnih bolnisnicah in me terorizirali/izzivali v lastnem domu, ampak celo z Zidi bi z mano trgovali....Slovenija in Novo mesto sta se spremenili v totalno klavnico. Za srpom in kladivom se skriva nacisticna svastika. Med njimi razlike ni !!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I am working on continuation of the documentary "Attempt To Kill Me Via Government Sponsored Burglaries"(6 hours long documentary)

Their idea wasn't only to place me in the mental hospital via torture, but foremost take away from me the right to my reporting on the world as per what is happening and where the whole thing is going...they wanted to buy themselves time and even alibi...they are exposed today as never before...
Your turn or take public stand against global neonazi takeover...up to you


May be what is called a "whore", but how many men have guts to do as she has just done it...
The answer is NONE !!! Real pussies(rapists/thugs/murderers) are hiding in White House and in Kremlin. SHAME ON YOU TRUMP !!!

There is more dignity in her than in all of you together !!!


You could say am man from the future, but am just victim of most horrific crime.
Am sure you get it why this is happening(draft for all means war which I forecasted and continue to forecast)....

Putanowich is drowning in beer(he works very very hard how !!???? Well, drinking beer, most insane parties with neonazi elite politicians that involve most severe humiliation of Slavic women in Russia and in Tel Aviv if not complaint with rape are signs of hard work - I agree)...those who know precisely what am talking about know him under two is "Pushkin"(for Russian territory) and second "Phantom from/of Tel Aviv"(for Israel and USA)...I cite Putanowich, "I only love Isreal as much as Russia...I would live immediately in Isreal if things wouldn't work out in Russia"(goes same for Shoigu)... both loved Israel...

Sunday, March 11, 2018

NO COMMENT NEWS: After my exposing the relationship between >>tsar wannabe<< and Megyn Kelly, the two change "political dilemma"(tune to their chat) course for 180 degrees. Putan goes further on into magic waters even with Kabbalah chosen buggy gang(his homies Jews) to fog views on reality.

Off course have everything to do with and...

Megyn Kelly(political mainstream media "journalists" in USA care about their public persona more than anyone in the world and is not because they would fear for the sake of the public, but instead because they stink - cover-up/hypocrisy/criminality is all that comes to my mind) steps on the "offensive line" to protect her double personality and Putin begins to point even in his chosen kabbalah people... 
Nothing else to add :)))))
March 11th of 2018 is now a national tragedy day in the state of the Israel...

Theater play was excellent - I give you all 5 starts(specially you Ksenia) for one - here is what controlled opposition have done for tsar Putan on this "elections"

They reminded of the classic market scene which I would love to see in person...what worries me, however, is not only as explained above but the fact on how these Russian elections were leaned toward right("right" is actually very very wrong if translated into Slavic languages because so called "right" sloughtered no less than 40 million Slavs - wrong for us is right for them on the West if you get my point even today in 2018) from all candidates(its a scary fact/prospect which suggested during this elections on how even communist presidential "candidates" were implicated in currupotion....scary fact that we had to witness to John McCain's personal presidential choice for Russia = neonazi Alexander Navalny) !!! 

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Beside us, who else sings our Slavic songs !!???? Who loves us unconditionally !!?????


Josip Broz Tito and Jovanka Broz both condemned Israeli occupation of Palestine during Muammar Gaddafi's visit in 1975

He knew very well what Jew means, was, is for all our Slavic people....

I totally agree with it, however, there is only one thing missing in here about which I was told frequently is the case by team Putin/Serghei Shoigu

Whenever our women decline to open their legs for high ranking officials or oligarchs in Russia or elsewhere where they manage to establish control via local or state governments, they simply disappear to Ysrahell. AGAIN HAPPY MARCH 8TH TO ALL EASTERN EUROPEAN LADIES OUT THERE...MAY YOU BE SAFE(SAFER IF ONLY POSSIBLE WHICH THIS ARTICLE HOPEFULLY HAVE SOMEHOW ACCOMPLISHED)....

Related to
I, for the most part, agree with stated in this very article psychology profiling wise, but do disagree with anything stated in respect to Mikheil Saakashvili because one is AmeroGerman parasite send to stear problems in the Slavic world only...let Saakashvilis stay in Holland(here to Dutch have implanted themselves into to condition us with sanity) where they belong too....

Blogger(JEWOOGLE whatever you want to call this deceiving lying parasitic ZIONAZI blog platform), have totally modified my blog - AGAIN(not first time)

One look at the "support" option on my blog and am ready to vomit....about 80% of original post was simply deleted and modified....also blogs are missing from blog...ugglier than uggly Ysraeheli parasites(nothing but the half desert surrounded by the wall as prions are and full of ugly hateful deceiving parasitic creatures).

Tsar Putan Putwanowich disagrees with USSR/Yugoslav/Chinese and other communist(socialist) policies which South Africa wants to finally implement for the sake of independence from Dutch slavery

Hateful 65 years old Russian neonazi Jew(tsar wannabe) wants from exploited South African blacks to provide even what is financial compensation for 366 years of slavery !!! There is no doubt about who and what this individual is...

Friday, March 9, 2018

The whole week nothing but four hours per day of microwaving

Microwaving...ultrasound gun torture...whatever it is, is nasty. Head physically hurts from rest and I have sound in my ears.
This morning

If UN is observing this blog, I am asking you to urgently step in

What went on without interruptions in Israel for some 20 years, only went on also in Slovenia - in this very house which was hijacked by elite neonazis. Please step in now and stop this murderous game.

Any organisation/government is more than welcome to intervene...

Self elected criminal Borut Pahor publicly meets one of CIA assets(real abductor) who doesn't even speak any Slovenian language

This individual have promised me under MKULTRA that I will be soon abducted I cite, "once you see me meeting with Pahor, you will soon be gone and there is nothing you can do"...
US Government involved criminal after Pahor complained about CIA not using any Slovenian assets...I consider this to be utter contempt(laughter in my face - most severe insult) for my life about which Slovenian police is very well ackqainted with.

Chinese Students in America Say ‘Not My President’

What the difference is between Chinese students and others worldwide - they know where the money that opened them doors at
local universities or foreign colleges came from...they remember who people are in daily life when those rush down the street...early in the mornings and back home late at nights...6 even 7 times a week...12 hours a day of top performance for Dollar and hour...they know...they remember...

And as they remember so far from home, they aren't afraid to stand for freedom of their countrymen even that it could be fatal...just think in what situation I am...just think what this world is made off(Trumps/ Buckinghams/ Merkels/Berlusconis/ Macrons/ Netanyahus/ Putans/ Xi Jinpings and pigs of all kinds)...courageous you are Chinese students. I salute you real China with all my heart. 

Psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee totally forgiven(I was angry about your approach which was wrong and without real proper justification against me, but at least you are loyal to your principles and I must say you have them - hope you manage to stay safe there - its a huge/dangerous task to be in US and expose yourself as Bandy does not only to provincial extremists, but also to American deep state)...

Roses are red, violets are blue because I won't be today or ever again with you - Russian speaking Pamela Robertson, Kelly Megyn and many many others are just few...

Dear ladies,

Thank you for being yet another special one in a very very long line...your loyalty(alimony free / tax-free) is priceless to mother made the tremendous difference in his sacrifice for the better world. 
Pamela do you remember me :)))) ????? Hellow Pamela...Pamela darling...My name Vladimir, not Borat...yes, I speak English yes...

Simply writing complains(AGAIN) to Slovenian state(police/anti corruption commission/human rights ombudsman, parliament and son on), EU, UN, ICC and so on organisations in respect to organized borderless crime which tsar Putan Putanowich have created

In letters of complaints will be mentioned problematic with Benjamin Netanyahu(Israel), Slovenian president Borut Pahor, Slovenian psychiatrists, Slovenian police(FOREMOST as they have not only cooked the whole thing, but instead continue to engage in criminality against me), EU member states, USA, and Russia which doesn't take any steps in respect to the murderers(not only goes for Putin, but also for Lavrov and Medvedev) from Kremlin.

As you all know, Slovenian president Borut Pahor has acknowledged received letter from me which was also sent to all Slovenian parliamentarians by even sending me on doorsteps the local police officer Valencic with idea to insult and life threaten - its a great thing actually because his actions confirm complain receipt(better even than mail delivery signature receipt system - well done, thank you Mr. Pahor - this way nobody can say see nothing/hear nothing/know nothing - incl parliament and all media houses in Slovenia).

Two Slovenian kingpin criminals who harbored and harbor self-elected Slovenian president Borut Pahor since the beginning of this very case and both involved in MKULTRA.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

There may be sound torture as well

I just got this recorded
Sound torture and microwaving - possibly more going...very very nice.

Other stuff that psychopath Netanyahu suggested under MKULTRA

Money stolen from you will be money used to pay off debts as we will have to purchase movies from video sharing websites where you posted them...

In respect to his niece Egortova I cite, "she is crying because you rejected her...what am I gonna do now...she waited on you all along and she is too old now"...

Neighbors excited about Netanyahu's prospect...they would love to create nothing more than totally sick village here in Novo mesto. Scary fucks to be around with. They stalked us to this village. As father begun to build a house, they popped all around our house like mushrooms after the rain.

I got 4 hours of microwawing instead of sleep

Thats about it...I am nothing more than a piece of meat for these neighbors who take orders from Moscow.

This is my reality of today while Putanowich is seating in Moscow like a king. And while I was loaded on planes like a cattle(back to US practically with knife under my throat - electroshocks were a standard procedure), in whole ordeal he has done nothing other than playing poker(whored around and traded WWII's death of 40 million Slavs for global neonazi takeover plan =  gets what used to be territory of USSR and newest technology while West eats rest of the world) with his neonazi partners in this very house...absolutely disgusting Russia. I do not accept any kind of excuses(explanations whatsoever) which you offered under MKULTRA. Beyond disgusting !!!

Microwaved, acoustically tortured, and threatened with abduction to Israel. Very very nice....I hope you get your 30 pieces of silver JEW Putanowich !!!

VIDEO: 2 of 2 Netanyahu possibly sends even his niece to Slovenia to get me in Israel.

In this portion, I submit more proofs and explain on how/why all this(who designed it all and why - neighbor Berger did to apologize/excuse elites in-front of parents). Dating site Badoo demonstrates us on just how governments have gone to cluster mind of normal individual...

Info. on share buttons of social sites are totally censored and no one can actually see how many people share posts on social sites


Video part 2 of 2 coming next with more indisputable proofs on how I dealt with total psychopaths all along... Netanyahu possibly sends even his niece to Slovenia to get me in Israel - Psycho Tatjana Prokselj totally uncovered

Was it this rat looking creature that served Stalin with poisoned tea !!???? He was his personal servant and his grandson is today still lurking around Kremlin

Tactics are the same...even physical appearance(Jew by the name Mordechai - Putin's grandfather) is no different...

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

FAKE NEWS ALERT AND A REAL QUESTION TO ASK YOURSELF: Russian ex-spy and daughter poisoned with nerve agent, British police say

Putan Putanowich prepares us yet another fake news and here is how/why...

VIDEO: 1 of 2 Netanyahu possibly sends even his niece to Slovenia to get me in Israel - Psycho Tatjana Prokselj totally uncovered

Netanyahu possibly sends even his niece to Slovenia to get me in Israel. Netanyahu terrorizes in my Slovenian hometown as promised under MKULTRA....Putin's daughter(Maria Putina) assistant to Netanyahu's niece...the two are very very good(great) friends with one another, but am not into Putina's games per based on political hushing is not of my interest...

Psychopath(not psychiatrist, but instead psychopath) Tatjana Prokselj also exposed together with Zoran Mudza. I will report this people to police now.

Putanowichi NOT welcome in this house/this city/this are Russian disgrace !!!

Related to part 2

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

What Putin wants is for me to hate Russia

He succeeded before why not much longer will this garbage represent Russian people because he casts the worst of the worst shadows to us Slavs in other parts of the world !!??? Poland and all other will embrace Germany because of Putin. You don't get what is going on in Kremlin !!????

My computer is whacked(has internal bluetooth implanted) and I have proof for my claim.

Coming in new video is also explained how my computer is modified in a way that one sends even video files to neighbors whenever saving those.

Problems with vlan/ethernet are also done to force me do system restore so "services" settings are rested back to beginnings(thus allowing bluetooth connections implanted in laptop etc.).

I have no place to turn police..nothing !!!

Coming next - a video recount of incident from yesterday - more about Putan Putanowich(his daughters) and Netanyahu's niece

Was stalked all the way to the gates of this house by Jews afer being stalked in local mall by gypsies sent there by Slovenian police to demonstrate me abduction attempt.

Video coming....

Russia doesn't have anything decent to replace criminal spook crook with !!????

The more you "communists" watch this and do nothing about it, the worst reputation you will get...should somethig happen to me, this is precisely how you will be seen as.


The shittiest and ugliest choice in Russian presidential history gave full approval for the news as seen here to Benjamin Netanyahu. Putan Putanowich("tsar") believes(greatly saluted by
Merkel/Fred Trump Jr. known also as Gambino/McCain/Bush etc.) on how associating Jews and Russians(some blame Jews and others Russians in this article, so both should feel warm <3 for one another and neonutttzisms should be okay too - trolls are nothing, but paid government Mossad trolls) with neonazism would be just okay...Woman is using Russian pseudonym and her name appears

as Slavic as well - only her face gives us an idea that she most likely is of Ysrahell's origins(there may be women that look like this elsewhere in the world, and its why precisely we Slavs must ensure that they wouldn't act as seen here in this article or under my case - and not as I was suggested or to be cautious with/about what I say as there may be people that look like Jews in here too - its these people more than anybody else that must make their choice when it comes to national origins and either totally reject any kind of involvement with Israel or depart to one - I will not and our people won't either - this is not Jewmerica and never will become one - live by the law or get lost out of our countries).

Sunday, March 4, 2018

I AGREE: Slovakian journalists call for the state of emergency in respect to European(EU nothing more than criminal neonazi club) democracy - 39 journalists murdered in 2016

Looks like nazism/fascism(corruption is a prime sign of one) hit into hard rock in Slovakia and things just won't go down as easy as the case was and is lets say in Ukraine or in Baltic states:)))) CAPITALISM = CORRUPTION(corruption is a crib of capitalism) & CRIMINALITY.

You bombed their homes together with USA, you invited them in Europe with idea to create in our countries same as you are doing today with them in Germany(YOU EVEN USED SO CALLED EUROPEAN UNION "HUMAN RIGHTS COURTS" TO FORCE US EUROPEANS VIA PENALTIES INTO NEONAZISM IF NOT BECOMING AS VIOLENT AS YOURSELF), and you burned our countries in WWII - KEEP THEM/FEED THEM, AND PAY US REPARATIONS THAT YOU OWE !!!

This is a beast(murderous deceiving German culture - totally non-European) culture that didn't change even a bit is all I have to say in respect to post WWII Germany...Sigmar Gabriel even blamed in December Russia and China for what is explained in the title of this news(have equaled the two with threat and USA)...
From published on March 4th, 2018

Shots rang right next to the white House, and someone just "died"(possibly was even killed/shot - murdered at the door steps of the number one American Gambino family) and no one knows anything...

Some 1000+ cameras on a square mile where White House is positioned and....
Reminds me of 2010's Obama's "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell"(this ORWELLIAN "DON'T ASK/DON'T TELL" was for much more than just gay/lesbian dilemma - it was and it remains the main language on journalistic stage as the whole thing in mainstream media is nothing more than palace/illusion build out of lies - prefabricated world of lies and dementia designed some 15/20 years ahead of events on government intranet by major world powers which is systematically implement/integrate one into real time public internet)...its just that we have different actors on scene today(or do we trully do as I see policy of "see nothing/hear nothing/know nothing" also on today's Obama's supporters despite obvious fact per who he is - totally controlled opposition that caused real problems during Obama's presidency now when needed the most disappereaed for good)....

VIDEO: 3 of 3 Computer is manipulated via the external device - most likely bluetooth or radio device


How can drivers on computer begin to rearrange itself when nothing is connected to the computer other than mouse !!??? The table is not moving or shaking and regardless in what position mouse is placed, drivers began to install/ uninstall itself as I move power cord(cord totally nonrelated to laptop)....lan/ethernet port seems to have gadget installed which is pushing broken cable out of the port etc....


Slovak NEONAZI collaborator(sellout of Slovak people who preferably would exile Slovaks to make new lebensraum for Germans under Hungarian occupation = what AustroHungarian slavery was) spits in eyes of the nation by calling frontline of Slovak democracy a 'dirty anti-Slovak prostitutes'

First of all, I do love to get him in my hands for using words I cite, "dirty anti-Slovak prostitutes" !!! And this foremost because women are for the most part victims of filth(human trafficking
and social inequality issues imposed against them by criminal class/elite with idea to get them in particular quandary - force them into selling their bodies to somewhat catch up economically with the rest of the society) as seen in this article(you Fico - you and yours alike) and second for his double standards(as its not only how you dare to call women - I know I know Fico...they are just a weaker sex whom you can call as pleased "grab them by the pussy" you little uggly perverted Trumpo from Slovakia - Not Slovak, but instead dirt from Slovakia is what you are as fascists/neonazis treat and see women as objects - NOT human beings, but instead as objects/ items/ cattle/ property) when it comes to frontline defense of the country which is represented by brave jouranlists(they are more at risk than even top police officers as they go beyod police - pointing out in criminal politicians like yourself/ Orban/ Trump/ Merkel/ Berlusconi and so on, entire coutries/systems) - you wouldn' dare to call a foreign politician(even if in the same rank) and even less a real man as stated in your article in the face outside of those gates that hide your ass.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

We have a disgraceful politicians(corrupt criminals alike Czech Milos Zeman or Slovenian Borut Pahor lets say) who want us to equal deaths of our grandmothers and grandfathers with what you see here

These criminals believe that holocaust issue fits in the very same category(therefore are equaling what you see here with what our grandfathers/grandmas have fought against) as our war for survival against neonazi fascist machinery that attempted(and still attempts - make no mistake about that) to exterminate us from the face of the earth...
If you would manage to show this very thing seen on here to your grandparents which fought against fascist neonazi machinery, what would they think or have to say about it...would they agree with Jewish theft of human organs from settlers of stolen lands  !!???? Would they equal state of Israel with themselves in WWII or rather with neonazi Germany as I see no difference between the two !!????? What would their choice be and I ask this because we owe them our existence !!!

In respect to computer repair shop where I went for computer investigation only that Mitja Weber/Veber buys all dirty equipment through them so no one can point at him !!!

The company known as "Comlan trženje in servis računalniške opreme d.o.o", where I went for computer investigation and have paid them 30 Euros just to open the laptop(they wouldn't even allow me to video record whole thing in peace when laptop was opened) , was not only involved in MKULTRA against me - these people actually supplied Mitja Weber/Veber with dirty equipment, so one was capable to use one against me and other victims - this is local by government trusted shop(BY NOVO MESTO POLICE) used to conceal online orders from public which are used to destroy others' property. I remember very very well his words under MKULTRA...things get even computer was actually destroyed in this very company. They dreamed about abduction to Israel and so on(even that they will watch me do my stuff in room at times - meaning that many residences in the city of Novo mesto are bugged via police and even computer shops), but this is nothing new as Novo mesto police had revolvers pointed at me under MKULTRA along Mossad...they played/simulated abduction scenarios when in reality its really easy for police to do whatever they are pleased too with victims as is no one out there to grab them...

US main stream media nothing more than NEONAZI/FASCIST bag of lies/dementia - same people(so called journalists) which often times attended informal meetings between US Presidents and Putan Putanowich, now wonder if the two ever met...

It wasn't only Hollywood and politicians that traveled to Slovenia and Russia, but also American mainstream media journalists/editors etc...they are now engaging in the indirect monologue in front of the public by casting doubts(sand in the eyes of public) as seen here....

The two didn't meet once, but instead frequently for at least 8 years(for sure much more or till he became political figure). If you disbelieve me, see picture bellow...we have seen basically same "sand in the eyes of the public" technique with Obama's birth certificate issues...remember bullcrap by the name Joe Arpaio !!????

EVEN tires on my car were changed in car assassination plot during 2007

I didn't wrote anywhere anything in respect to this very issue because it would look incredible...few months ago, however, this very subject was brought up by Mitja Weber/Veber when here for the visit who blatantly suggested me in the face that my tires were old and worn out from Florida sun - fact is that my tires were brand new - bought in Krsko tires shop few months earlier. Very good car and brand new tires...on that occasion, I rebuffed his claim with this very fact on what he shut his filthy murderous were later(after the accident) again changed to old tires...around neighbors and family like this, never ever relax !!!


Friday, March 2, 2018

What does Putin know about Thailand - his old criminal patterns don't change(Viktor Bout/Anastasia Vashukevich link).

The one who demanded torture to be performed on me was Vladimir Putan Putanowuch(now president Borut Pahor expressed on several occasions frustration for my being alive)  who also was obsessed with the idea to abduct me to Israel
Schwarzenegger to me, "I am sorry, but we just have to comply with it to get our global neonazi agreement going"(not that I would excuse neonazi JEWSA for violating absolutely everything written in US constitution in respect to the basic rights of citizens - not at all, US Government have done on own to law-abiding citizen what no other government dares or have dared to even think about - Putan Putanowich is exactly what his name suggests). And so they wrote and wrote on list Vladimir Putin's demands against me...deadliest parasite of Vladimir Putin is....most cancerous cancer on earth.

Was in computer service today

#1 Local police of Novo mesto forced me(compelled me via stalking) to visit service(local services just wouldn't cooperate - all explained in continuation) in which Mitja Weber/Veber(individual who installed in laptop and other items his gadgets) have brought me sometimes in 2014 under MKULTRA with idea to discourage me from investigating laptop's modifications. Crazy !!????? Not even a little bit...

Thursday, March 1, 2018

SYSTEMATIC WIPEOUT NEWS: Exactly what I forecasted(have told in advance, envisioned) would be the case in respect to global neonazi takeover plan - its because I knew one and knew one because I was compelled to know one by leaders for whom they claim its all only in my head(best proof of MKULTRA that no one can possibly deny in case someone out there still have a guts to doubt anything in respect to my testimony). They don't really doubt, but still have courage to open their filthy mouths on behalf of state(idea is to desperately get any kind of violent response from me that would grant criminals immunity - both my parents are radio controlled and visit local government frequently to get further instructions on how).

You didn't stop one back then, and you won't be capable to stop one now. Too little too late - controlled opposition is best way to govern and Obama did things only 100 x times worse...what we have now in USA will be the case in part of the recolonized world - they bring in systematically Nordic whites(also latinos etc. for camouflage) and then cleansing will begun...domestic population will be driven insane via employment issues, and what appears to be lets say today black suburbs of Chicago/Miami(its what Africa/MidEast/Mexico/Argentina will face at the beginning stages) will gradually change its colors via social engineering into lets say whiter picture(domestic population destroyed as more and more of so called Nordic whites will continue to move in)...whiter Arabs(semites) will eventually be replaced in final stage with original(purest) Scandinavians/Dutch/Germans/Danes...
Precisely how they all work - Russia gets technology and Ukraine, China goes along and gets whatever, GB/USA/France(Germany and Italy are on board) readying itself for global domination via new bills(US alone 700 billion military thanks to agreement with China which will continue to operate for slave wages - same military update plan expanded via Theresa May's agreement with China and so on). AMEROGERMAN ANGLOSAXON GLOBAL TAKEOVER PLAN WILL GET IN EFFECT SYSTEMATICALLY - SOME 12 MONTHS FROM NOW ON I ESTIMATE WITH US LEADING THE PACK(they will be first to attack - most likely with Mexico or South Africa as the first targets).

Microwawing commenced again

Yesterday and today, I got no more than 8 hours of sleep total. It is not as bad as being beaten up in the past few times(one time after two hours of sleep to extreme when I would just lay down on soffa in living room for about two and half hours to get myself together, s I could proceed - took another 7 hours to feel somewhat better) , but its not acceptable either ...Berger.

I beg you Ukrainian people not to resist as you were sold on slave market

When it starts, please just go inside and look the other way - pray to be over fast and get involved in new society. You are both precious Slavic people with(you both have same DNA) for whom I deam that not a single life should be ever lost...if anyone appreciates you in this world, Russians do as for West you matter only as much as is the size of your parcel(they want your land and not you)...

He seats in there and is polluting(Putining) with brain cancer entire world

He is playing with people's sanity(confusing most loyal people on patriotism issues while engaging in genocide against them) and will play till his fat luck runs out for which he hopes never will since he traded Russian past(WWII victory) for new tsarist title (what Ukraine deal via West should bring him)

News posted on behalf of Putan Putanowich and Serghei Lavrov by my neighbor Dane Kolenc

This is the interest rate for the ruined adapter.

"Tsar" Vlad Putanowich didn't obtain only through to me the latest technology in fields of psychiatry in 2001(brain mapping), special surveillance and forensic technology for his(and Belarus) and Slovenian police, but also a US military technology. New military technology in Russia is in fact in great portion modified American military technology(on justb how cautious US senators like Rick Perry and John McCain have to be with confgress whenever giving confidential information out to Russia....on how US Government have already begun to suspect Russia technology as per one being stolen from US).

Momma and pappa claim for me to be mentally ill in respect to neighbor's latest incident

Honorable neighbor(neighbors) did nothing as described here and everything is in my head only...I am evidently doing all this to myself and am mentally ill(no proofs whatsoever for so-called mental illness with which very psychiatrists involved in my case have branded me with and my having rigid proofs of their violations against me and I am the one who is mentally ill). Excellent. 

More facts on my parents(specifically father who didn't only aimed gun barrels at me, but have also just as mother admitted in audio recording which I have posted online and can be seen in video documentary about him, have held knife under her throat on several occasions):

Whack job got inside of the room and have cut power cord which 220V sparks(as I touched one three minutes ago) flew straight toward my face...

I packed all of my belongings whenever I left the room, but did left behind power adapters which just cost me a bit extra as of three minutes ago...this is already the second adapter that was destroyed within less than 4 month period in this very room, except that this time I almost got electricity sparks in my face when picking one up from the floor...
Clearly a knife cut - my HP laptop's cord is experiencing problems due to what may appear to be 110/220 adapter(US/EU plug converter - also appears to have been modified as one clearly was open), and as one changed to power saving option on several occasions, I looked at power cord to see what appeared to be wide cut open cable from universal laptop adapter purchased on I disbelived my eyes and have attempted to pick one up, sparks flew all over the room and cable from one just fell off...

RUSSIAN PIOVRA: Italian mafia(BERLUSCONI) has ties in Eastern Europe !!???? Yes, it does and look no further than Lavrov/Putin(Lavrov frequently uses in private circles phrase "our cousins"). Why !!??? How come !!???

Lavrov who occasionally likes to blunder publicly about this very issues(see no further than news published on February 20th, 2018 HERE when he visited exactly my small country and Serbia to hush news that you are about to see below - politicians have different methods to silence/manipulate different journalists as journalists of today are well preselected/classified tools of political
"show must go on" anti nazi jouranlists, they tend to appeal via few words that suggest their snti nazi stand while publicly, they continue to meet and pose for photos with neoanzis - such is the case of Sergei Lavrov and one is not alone - its how small lies grow into total insanities because we tolerate them even when forcefully unemplyed for decades) while at the same time, one is Kurt Weldheim's(and Italian mafia - fascist Berlusconi) personal courier/confident in territory of Russia without any dilemma(not hiding at all who he is because he counts on people like myself to contiune to bite into political options only and not what matters the most = honesty in jouranlism = when we fight for political options vs truth, we all lose and it doesn't matter on which side of the political spectrum you are)...

Little advice for Belarus girl who already was rated as fake(basically insane just as I was) by main stream media outlets since she didn't carry with her videocameras

@Anastasia are now officially in no man's land because just as the case is with Putan's Russia today, US is indifferent. It was actually USA that created via corruption and criminality out of Russia what one is today human relations-wise. The two(hijacker of Russia Putan Putanowich and USA) are totally in bed with one another because nazism/fascism can't propel on the top of the world by a single country(economy)...and so why to bother with asylum in USA when whole thing is nothing more than a play(entire countries and continents are on a table for sale and you think they care about you !!???? What do you think a single mainstream media news outlet is out there !!??? Do you see the price am paying for stating the truth !!??? Human rights just as human organizations exist only on a paper, but not in reality...never mind us people/humans, even our nations don't exist in what became the darkest era of humanity) !!???? My advice for you is to go back in Belarus and try to live normal life as wherever you will go(incl. Belarus), this news will now follow(stalk) you(more in America than anywhere else as they don't want you in there as a Slavic girl - news as seen above is created in America every second and you can see on news - from cannibalism to rampage shooting each day / every day)
All mentioned above is happening because and foremost on behalf of Germany, so don't even bother with asylum elsewhere in Europe...back in Belarus, you should just open a little youtube account where you should disclose everything and as fast as possible you know about Trumpo and associate with as many normal people as possible(you are now a liability which Putanowich will try to delete at all costs to urgently protect his interests)...